I have put together this portfolio as per requirements of the Capstone Course of the “Teach English Now” specialization in the TESOL program of Arizona State University. The videos which make part of the teaching plans can be viewed on youtube. Please understand that the videos were shot in private setting, not a classroom, hence their rather low visual quality. To view my specialization certificates, please click here and here. My final TESOL certificate can be viewed here.

Week 1 Edited Reading+Writing with Technology

Week 1 New Reading+Writing

Week2 Edited Listening+Speaking with Technology

Week2 New Listening+Speaking

Week 3 Grammar

Week 3 Pronunciation

Week 5 Original Reading&Writing

Week 5 Original Listening&Speaking

Week 5 Original Grammar

Week 5 Original Technology

One Week Lesson Plan

Teaching Tip1

Teaching Tip 2

My Teaching Philosophy


North African Animal Sanctuaries

Caring for Abandoned and Stray Animals in North Africa

Kuná Huná - Cesty po Orientu

Zájezdy na Blízký Východ a do Severní Afriky


I came, I saw, I photographed... follow me in the footsteps of Hadrian!

Riad in Fez

Our Riad for Your Stay in Fez

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